10 ways to protect yourself against wrinkles

Today we will teach you 10 ways to protect yourself against wrinkles.

How can you reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles? With these 10 tips you learn to prevent and reduce wrinkles in a natural way.

1) Protect yourself against the sun

Wrinkles are 90% caused by UV radiation. Just look at the difference between your skin under your arm and the skin above. The skin under your arm is much softer, just because it is less in contact with the sun. Wear a hat or always use sunscreen even when the sun doesn’t shine! UV radiation is the main culprit for wrinkles and that goes merrily through the clouds.

2) A natural botox treatment

Grab a mirror and be careful how you move your face while you talk. You really so deep frown if you pick eyebrows to your emotions? You obviously do not expressionless through into life, but you can try to control facial expressions when it is not really necessary. Count the times you frown on a day and try to frown less the day after, repeat this every day.

An ideal tool for this is Leukofix (not sponsored), an inexpensive translucent skin tape that you just can not get at the pharmacy. If you’re at home or before going to sleep, you can stick the tape on your problem areas, for example on your forehead or between the eyebrows (from frowning). The effect is temporary but very effective and cheap.

You can also find numbers of anti-aging exercises on this website.

3) Sleep on your back

Good and deep sleep is delicious and good for your skin, but if you lie on your side or stomach, your face against the pillow is pressed which can lead to wrinkles, both on your face and between your breasts. It may be difficult at first to sleep on your back, but you get used quickly. The ancient Egyptians often slept on their backs to stimulate dreams, so that’s a nice bonus!

4) Eat your wrinkles away

When UV rays penetrate your skin, they create free radicals, which cause damage to healthy cells, thus causing wrinkles over time. Antioxidants helps to protect your body against free radicals. Many anti wrinkle creams therefore contain antioxidants. But you can use their powerful working from the inside. Eat lots of fruits (like blueberries) and vegetables, drink lots of green tea and / or rooibos and regularly eat superfoods such as dark chocolate.

5) Use healthy fats

Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy fat with numerous health benefits. They are mainly in linseed oil, chia seeds, walnuts and algae, and also thanks to the algae in fish, like Tuna and Salmon,. Healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids contribute to a healthy and hydrated skin where wrinkles appear less deep.

6) Touch your skin as little as possible

Through your skin as little as possible to touch you not only prevent the spread of bacteria and hence pimples, but you do not damage your skin cells. For the same reason you better do not use any aggressive scrub with crushed apricot kernels for example, because the more skin damage, the more wrinkles.

7) Exfoliate your skin

A hard scrub damaging your skin so. Rather, use a mild exfoliating face mask or a mild. Fruit masks and cane sugar containing AHA fruit acids that remove old, dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new, young-looking cells. They also stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in fewer wrinkles.

8) Don’t dry your skin out

Wash your skin with no harsh facial cleansers. This rids your skin of its natural oils, leaving your skin is sensitive and gets easily damaged. If your skin moisturized well, existing wrinkles and fine lines will be less noticeable.

Use mild cleansers such as olive oil to remove your make-up.

9) Use a good wrinkle cream

A good wrinkle moistens the skin, and contains ingredients such as antioxidants. Expensive is not always better!

10) Don’t worry, be happy!

According to a study of female identical twins, seeing women who are divorced older than their married or widowed twin sisters, and also see women in the anti-depressives there are older and have more wrinkles than their twin sisters. According to the researchers, a happy relationship and an optimistic, relaxed outlook on life keep your face young



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