5 questions we have asked dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer (EXCLUSIVE)

Dr. Harold Lancer, has become famous for his skincare line that he is selling all over the world. He started his careers many years ago and the fame really began when he started to treat famous Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Madonna.

“The Lancer Method”, has become famous because it was simple and easy to understand.

STEP 1) Polish

STEP 2) Cleanse

STEP 3) Nourish

were the 3 simple steps to a healthy looking skin.

We called him up and could ask him 5 questions we REALLY wanted to know

Is there a trick to slow down aging?

Yes, but it isn’t a “trick”. It’s easy; “Besides improving nutrition, diet, exercise, sunscreen use; grasping importance of a good home skincare regimen as part of your lifestyle.”

What is the most important skincare product? 

“I have developed a large range of skincare products. I can’t pick just one…” OK we understand, but is there one product you couldn’t personally live without? “That would be Sheer Fluid Sun Shield” (sunscreen).

Where does acne come from and how can we treat it?

“Haha, I wish it was that simple. Acne can have many causes. Acne can be a sign that your skins ph-value is off-balance. If you are suffering from bad acne I would recommend you to visit a certified dermetoligist/ doctor to take it step by step and see what the cause can be.”

Should you use cold or warm water when washing your face?

“Use warm water during polishing and cleansing phases, then use cool water as a rinse to calm blood vessels, cool down redness and close pores.”

Is it possible to reverse pigmentation with skincare products?

“You can improve skin coloration imperfections; however I don’t like to use the term “reverse”. There are products available to improve not reverse (especially with over the counter products) “Reverse” means total resolution. You can improve a coloration issue with skincare products and treatments.”



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