Dark Chocolate Skin Benefits

You would probably think that only vegetables and fruits are good for your skin. Think again, because you’re favorite sin can be good for you.

Woman (and men) sin every day by eating chocolate. But improving your skin doesn’t mean you have to eat like a monk. Besides, 99% of the people who try will give up the monk-eating-lifestyle sooner or later. It’s better to adjust your habits here and there and you will notice it’s more fun and you don’t have to give up so much.

My favorite sin in life was eating chocolate. Not a little piece, but loads of it. I never liked the taste of dark chocolate. But then I founded out how beneficial it is for your skin (and your health). Replacing chocolate with dark chocolate at first feels like swapping your new Mercedes-Benz for a Toyota Prius. Yeah sure, both are cars, both something doesn’t feels right. It takes a while to see the benefits and you will even start to like it eventually.

Dark chocolate helps to reduce stress. Cocoa helps reduce stress hormones, which means less collagen breakdown in the skin and eventually fewer wrinkles.

An important ingredient that is found in dark chocolate is Flavan-3-ol (better known as flavanols). The type of flavanols founded in dark chocolate helps your skin look its best. Flavonols are antioxidants that help your skin protect itself from UV damage, fight free radicals and increase blood flow. A new study has proven that flavanols in dark chocolate improve skin hydration, which is amazing. As you probably know, skin hydration is very important for your skin and preventing wrinkles.

NOTE: If you want to buy dark chocolate, I will you some very important tips;
1) Always go for at least 70% cacao
2) If you’re eating a bar that tastes a little too sweet, it’s possible that the flavonoids were stripped out. Keep in mind that dark chocolate always has a little bitter taste to it.
3) Read the ingredients! DON’T go for chocolate treated with alkali (better known as “dutched”) and watch out for added sugars! You don’t want to end up at a blog like “how-to-loose-weight-in-30-days”.

Finally; don’t start to eat kilos of dark chocolate after you done reading this blog, just a little peace a day as a replacement of normal chocolate or any other snack is the best way to go.

Other benefits of dark chocolate are: decrease inflammation, dark chocolate is very nutritious, improve of blood flow (although very mild), lower blood pressure (not 100% proven), reduce the risk of heart diseases, dark chocolate may improve brain function.

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