Skinceuticals – C E Ferulic REVIEW

The C E Ferulic serum made by the company Skinceuticals, is the perfect example that not everybody gets the same results using the same anti-aging product. Simply because every skin type is different.

Because of the different results, we have decided to test this serum for a long period, on various people.

As I mentioned before, this serum had different outcomes. People with a dry skin didn’t find it moisturizing enough. Because the serum gets absorbed very easy, they experienced a dry feeling after an hour or so. One person reported break outs. So the packaging isn’t labeled right, this antioxidant serum ISN’T suitable for dry skin and certainly not suitable for any skin type.

Because it contains an high amount of L-ascorbic acid it turn a bit yellow after a month or so. If you don’t want this to happen, store it in the fridge. It makes it last longer.
The people that had a normal skin reported a very good serum. The skin looked brighter and felt a little smoother. No visible difference in fine lines tho. It smelled awful, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want a fragrance free serum. The C E Ferulic isn’t cheap; $157 for 1 fl. oz. (30 ml), but because you only need 4 drops (recommended), the serum last for over 5 months. We would give it more points if it was not that expensive.

We recommend this product for people that have a normal skin type, don’t mind to pay $157 and want to try something new.




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