What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids and do they work?

Today we are discussing the ingredient Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are derived from fruit and milk sugars. They are a class of acids find in lots of anti-aging products.

Do they work?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids work by exfoliating the dead layers of the top of the skin. You can actually feel your skin tingle, this is because the dead layers of  the skin are being removed by the acid.

What are the side effects?

The two most common side effects of Alpha Hydroxy Acids are sun sensitivity and irritation. Symptoms of irritation include burning, redness, itching combined with possible pain. People with colored skin are recommended NOT to use Alpha Hydroxy Acids because they have a risk of scarring pigment changes.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids will help temporarily improve the surface of the skin, with regards to texture and fine wrinkles. Be aware of the side affects, always ask for a sample and test it on you elbow. Keep in mind that these Acids don’t permanently alter cell and/or skin turnover or even stimulate collagen synthesis.

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