Elon Musk deletes private Instagram account after our latest post

About 23 hours ago we posted an Article about Elon Musk looking extremely tired, we tagged him on Instagram and 2 hours later Elon deletes his entire private Instagram account – just after our latest post.

Elon Musk has already deleted TESLA’s FaceBook account a couple of months ago, now he also has deleted his private instagram account. We feel guilty, since in our latest post we wrote about his looks. (The Instagram account @TeslaMotors is still active).

His private Instagram account @ElonMusk is not active anymore. It looks like Elon can’t handle ANY negative news about TESLA or him.

Elon Musk is aging rapidly since he is sleeping just a couple of hours a day, at the TESLA factory. Rumors are that he is eating very bad, which also speeds up aging super-fast.

– UPDATE August 22 – 

It looks like Elon deleting his Instagram account had nothing to do with us. The TESLA CEO has apparently deleted his Instagram after rapper Azealia Banks accused him on the social media platform of having his lawyer confiscate her phone to remove “evidence” from it.

Banks went on a bizarre Instagram rant two weekends ago from Musk’s Los Angeles home, where she had gone expecting to collaborate with his girlfriend, Grimes, on a new song.

Grimes’ representatives told Banks there was a scheduling mistake and that the singer and Musk were going out of town, but offered to let her stay in a guesthouse, according to The New York Times.

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