Pets Help You to Stay Young!

Having a pet can help you against stress and since stress seriously damages skin and speeds up the aging process, we have to avoid stress as much as possible.

If you think of a pet, you first think of a cat or dog, but wait theres more ;-)

Let’s have a closer look which pets help us to stay young and why having a pet fights against stress

It is not only what researches says, the truth is that having a pet helps us to have a more active life, mentally and physically. Now the question is: What is the right pet for us?

We need to get a pet that helps us to increase our physical activity, allows us to give and receive affection from them, but we need to keep in mind our personal situation to get a pet that will enrich our life and won´t become a source of anxiety and problems.

Dogs require care, we recommend little ones if you have problems with your bones or lack of energy, a little dog is easier to walk around and to bathe, well you can leave the bath to a professional but try to walk your dog yourself.

Now cats are a different story they are more independent but they will give you a lot of affection, you can train them to use a sand box for their physiological needs, playing with them will help you to forget a lot of the thoughts causing you stress.

At last but not least we have birds which are a good option, they can be very good pets and you can relax when they sing, they don’t require too much attention but you need to feed them and clean their cages.

Remember that fight against stress is as important as watch what we eat, or selecting beauty products. We might not be able to leave a stressing job, payoff all our credit cards or just get a better house but we can enrich our life with a pet and find moments of peace and joy.

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