Alcohol, Stress and Aging

“Distressing” weekends with a couple of wines is done by many of us, but what many people do not know is that alcohol increases the number of stress hormones in the body! And stress hormones means….. AGING! AHHHHHH!!!

The problem is mainly about the stress hormone cortisol. The irony is that cortisol actually helps us to cope with stress. But this is true only if we are not exposed to a stressful situation. Too much stress ensures that the body is no longer able to break down the amounts of cortisol adequately.

The result is increased blood pressure and suppression of the immune system, which eventually leads to a higher risk to get ill. The body is less able to produce collagen, which is precisely needed for a healthy, youthful appearance.

Alcohol and calories

The older you get, the easier you gain weight. Alcohol makes this problem bigger. The problem is that you do not need to drink huge amounts of alcohol to get anyway. A complete unit of alcohol per day adds approximately seven kilos of weight increase per year, provided you have nothing to do to burn the extra calories. You have to walk about 1.5 kilometers to the calories from one unit to burn alcohol.

Moreover, alcohol also reinforces once more the appetite, especially in fat, salt and calorie-rich food. A dangerous element to be reckoned with.

Alcohol and aging

Alcohol has a strong dehydrating effect. Alcohol accelerates the emission of water and limits the absorption of nutrients that are important for healthy skin. Your skin becomes dehydrated, you’ll age faster, which eventually leads to wrinkles and deeper lines.

Alcohol has a direct aging effect on the skin: the dilation of small blood vessels, veins broken and rough, dry skin symptoms are often seen.
One of the worst effects of alcohol on the skin is the limiting effect on the recordings of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These nutrients required for the skin to retain moisture and to prevent inflammation. A lack of it leads to aging. Also, the body becomes less efficient in the burning of fatty acids.
Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to these harmful effects. Not only do women have the disadvantage that they are less able to break down his spirit, but they also have a thinner skin causing the negative effects are quickly visible.

So are you telling me to stop enjoying life?

No, If you want to get wasted weekends, do your thing! Drinking alcohol fits basically fine in a healthy lifestyle. There are also studies showing that drinking a glass of red wine per day has a positive effect on health.

Drink and live wisely and the harmful effects of alcohol are neutralized in the body. It’s a matter of finding the right balance!

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