EXCLUSIVE – Esteé Lauder is Firing + Suing Deciem CEO – Brandon Truaxe

Well, we saw it coming; Esteé Lauder is Firing + suing Deciem CEO – Brandon Truaxe for not complying with the unanimous Shareholding Agreement. Let me rephrased that; Brandon Truaxe is in deep trouble and will probably lose his company (and job) to Esteé Lauder, who is a 28% shareholder. This all happend a day after he has fired the CFO of Deciem and 2 days after he shut down all stores including Deceim’s website. 

In the Notice of Application from Esteé Lauder to Truaxe, these are the most important points:

  1. “Removing Truaxe from Deceim’s Board of Directors”
  2. “Removing Truaxe from any roles as an officer or employee that he holds with Deciem, including President and/or Chief Executive Officer”
  3. Appointing Nicola Kilner (currently Deceit’s CO-CEO as the sole interim CEO”

See the full Notice of Application below:

To be continued…

BestAnti-Aging.com is the first website/ blog / newspaper that has published this unbelievable story about Deciem. Please name us as a source if you want to copy. BestAnti-Aging.com will take immediate legal action if this will be ignored. 

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