EXCLUSIVE – Deciem CFO Anand Khanzode fired?! (UPDATE #5)

Deciem CFO Anand Khanzode has been fired today.

BestAnti-Aging.com has received an email from an employee send out to everybody in the management of Deciem. The email is written by Deciem-CEO Brandon Truaxe. In the email he insulted and threatened his employees and wrote “Anand, your employment with DECIEM has been terminated as of this instant.” This is all happend 1 day after Truaxe shut down all stores worldwide.

Khanzode is working at Deciem as a CFO for just a year. We don’t know if he is involved in the so called “criminal activities” at Deciem.

BestAnti-Aging.com is the first website/ blog / newspaper that has published this unbelievable story. Please name us as a source if you want to copy. BestAnti-Aging.com will take immediate legal action if this will be ignored. 

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