Brandon Truaxe is posting on his personal Instagram now @btruaxe (UPDATE #3)

It looks like Deciem-CEO Brandon Truaxe is posting on his personal Instagram now @btruaxe, and not posting at the @deciem account anymore (update #3). 

The good news is that Truaxe is safe and well in Amsterdam. The bad news is that we don’t understand anything he is posting. In a recent Instagram post (Oct 9) he has posted:

“I am in Amsterdam and wish to visit The Pulitzer Hotel, with such visit representing my second visit in the past 11 years. The hotel had updated the media recently that an update had been made to refresh the appearance of the property, inside, along the surface area and inside. I visited your website,, via a search for “Pulitzer” initiated via the search field (known as “TextBox” in some programming tools) to learn about this update and potentially attempt to book a room for now. The result in the default, non-“Images” sub-tab of your webpage’s multi-tab menu greeted me at the top of the “text” results with the thumbnail imagery evidenced in the set of 10 square images of this post. This presentation disrespect the client of the hotel, the man and the client of your service. I love you. My observation is that there’s an infinite gap in between liberal democracy and illiberal democracy. Thank you for showing the world that distributing search function across a large array of small servers instead of across a small array of “large” servers offers the same aforesaid gap “size” (infinite). Please combine these two gaps, by disallowing liberal democracy (which still represents an infinitely-large subset of democracy) to highlight the world even more beauty. I love you. -Brandon”

If someone knows what he is saying, please translate below in comment section…

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