Exclusive interview with MUDMASKY Founder and CEO – Majid Mousavi

After winning 4 Beauty-Awards in a row (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), it’s time for an exclusive interview with MUDMASKY Founder and CEO – Majid Mousavi.

Amsterdam is famous for it’s flowers, beautiful canals and uhh… cannabis. If you think of Amsterdam you don’t immediately think of skincare. The Netherlands isn’t a country very famous for it’s skincare. But with the rise of a skincare company named MUDMASKY, it maybe will. 

MUDMASKY is founded by Majid Mousavi in 2015 with the help of the famous Swiss scientist and dermatologist, Lloyd Diamond. Mousavi and Diamond have struck gold (OK, that sounds weird) with their skincare company. Their company – specialized in fresh made masks – is growing faster than ever. With the Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask, MUDMASKY found a natural treatment to make pores disappear.

MUDMASKY has recently been valued at 22 million dollars, just 3 years after they have started the company. And there is a good reason why: MUDMASKY has a very strong cult following and is extremely populair worldwide. But it wasn’t always that easy and Mousavi almost wanted to quit. Read the whole story for some Monday motivation!

How it all started on a plane

Mousavi remembers his encounter with Diamond very clearly: “It’s funny how life can twist. I remember I just got fired as an account manager at Friesland Campina – a job I really hated – when I met Lloyd in a plane, sitting next to me. I took out a moisturizer for my face – since the airconditioning of a plane always gave me extremely dry skin – when Lloyd immediately responded; “that skincare product does more harm than any good”. When I asked him why he replied “give me the jar and I will explain you why” Mousavi recalls that he listed up every ingredients including the source, half of them being chemical. He was very impressed by Lloyds experience and the conversation went on for hours. They eventually switched contacts and told each other they will be in contact.

The challenges

“Normally you switch contacts and never call anymore, but I called Lloyd the next day.” Mousavi says. “He was very surprised and I immediately told him how we can change the industry and work with natural ingredients. Lloyd told me about the millions of marketing money you need to market a skincare product, but I told him I had a plan and I want to meet him tonight. I told him I wanted him to develop a Face Mask.  A Face Mask which closes pores, brightens, hydrates and smooths the face. Without using chemicals and only fresh ingredients. Lloyd liked the idea and combined 3 clays, French Sea Clay, Moroccan Clay and Wyoming Clay. The mud mask worked fine, but I wanted to be more special and with immediate results which last. He added all kinds of fresh natural ingredients like Matcha Thea (boiled fresh) healing twigs, bamboo etc etc.” We tested it on our family and friends and the results where mind-blowing. We made a simple product with fresh natural ingredients.” But no manufacturer wanted to make the product. Majid tells us. “The Facial Detox Mask was extremely expensive to make and had super-rare ingredients which were extremely expensive” I was very frustrated and wanted to quit, but finally found a manufacture which wanted to help us out, since he believed in us and on top of that, it was just recovering from the financial crisis and needed small production too.”

The (cost)price

“Than there was the (cost)price. We had our first 1,000 units ready for retail and our cost price was like 50 euro per unit at the time, without R&D and hours spend. Just the product. It was crazy. Making an all-natural fresh mask was extremely expensive. No wonder that skincare companies never did such thing. This had to succeed or I have just burned all my money.” Majid explains.

2 units sold the first 3 months

Majid tells us that he sold only 2 units the first 3 months. 2 units, € 69 euro per unit. But he kept believing in it and found out about Instagram. “I asked some big influensters if they wanted to try out our face mask and they immediately asked for thousands of euros, money I didn’t had.  So I asked them if I could send it to them for free and post their opinion. A few agreed and the Facial Detox Mask blowed their mind. They were extremely satisfied and told me this was the best skincare product they have ever used.

The hype

But when it really started to sell was when Instagrammer @jayblissy stared to make a video on it. The video went completely viral with over 10,000,000 combined views in 2 days. “And the best part was; It was REAL and it was completely free!” Majid tells us. “From there on good things started to happen and more and more celebs used the Facial Detox Mask with crazy amazing results.
I regularly get emails from people that write me that I have changed there life. Something I could never dream about starting the company”

The Facial Detox Mask of MUDMASKY® is now the most reviewed mud mask in the world with over 175,000 reviews online with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. They ship throughout the whole world, for free. They have been featured in Business Insider, Instyle Germany and many more website as “the best face mask ever made”. 

Visit www.mudmasky.com for more info. MUDMASKY® is available on their website and on Amazon.

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