Melting away crow’s feet and laugh lines DIY

As times goes by we need to pay more attention to our skin since it becomes thinner and drier, this signs usually comes along with crow´s feet and laugh lines. Today we are making two home DIY made products (family secrets) to prevent or get rid of those aging signs, so we are making a luxury serum to clean our eyes from an opulent cream and rejuvenate a few years in just a few weeks. Serums are really expensive products and the investment you will make to prepare this Special Serum is not close at all to the amount of money you can spend buying a brand eye-serum, however the quality will be much higher as well as the results.

The following process can be used for crow’s feet and laugh lines.

You need some very specific ingredients: Main ingredients are Jojoba oil, which is the first you need to get and also Baobab oil, vitamin E and Lavender Essential oil will be used in a lesser amount. The Formula is simple but needs to be prepared using glass containers due the quality of the ingredients and to ensure the quality and pureness of final product.

You will distribute the ingredients in the following way ½ ounce of Jojoba Oil and ½ ounce of Baobab oil, mix them slowly and extremely carefully using a two ounces glass dropper bottle, the dropper can be plastic. To the Jojoba and Baobab oils mixture add ten drops of Vitamin E and another ten drops of Lavender Essential oil, mix them again slowly and patiently for 5 minutes.

Now the cream we will apply before using the Luxury Eye Rejuvenate Serum needs to be prepared every time you will use it and cannot be used in a future day however the serum will last an entire year if you store it in a dark place.

The cream just needs ½ spoon of chopped carrot, ½ spoon of chopped papaya and ½ spoon of smashed avocado. Crush and grind all the ingredients, this will take awhile but is worth the effort since you will get an opulent result.

Apply the cream first in a very thin lay and leave it for 10 minutes, use a cotton ball slightly damp with the Luxury Serum to remove the cream kindly and wait another 10 minutes leaving the serum nourish your skin, after that use milk to clean and then abundant fresh water.

I learned this with my grandma, when she was 40+ she was still catching young eyes looks on her, I used to stay at her house and I was a little girl at that time, she explained and showed to me how to prepare and apply this so many times and I started using it since I was 16, now I am 50+ and my husband enjoys when youngsters cannot hide their stares, of course I only have my beauty eyes on him who also uses the same system on his eyes. We both look gorgeous

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