Eyes age-reversal secret

First and formals: When we say eyes in this article we are talking about the skin that surrounds our eyes. We know that in some cultures, a person’s eyes are considered the window to their soul. Regardless if they are or not our soul´s window the truth is that they can reveal our age and if we don’t care of them then they will become even more older than they should be since they are very tender.

An ingredient that is very helpful when taking care of our skin is egg whites, well good news you can use it for your eyes´ skin, the way to do it is at mornings, just get a little amount of egg whites and carefully apply it over the skin surrounding your eyes with gentle circular massage. Wash them with abundant water after a couple of minutes. I recommend this for Mondays when we really need to look fresh.

Another important ingredient for the eyes´ skin is the cucumber, cucumber´s slices over your eyes at nights for about 15 minutes will help you to hydrate them and also meditate or listen to your favorites songs in the meanwhile.

You can massage your eyes, but be very carefully when doing it. We will explain a technique that will promote blood circulation to your eyes and with proper use it makes your eyes more expressive. Hands on! Wash your hands, wash them well. Use a little bit of yogurt as a cream, natural yogurt without any flavor or anything added then apply it with small circular movements, its recommended to start from the lower eyes and end with the upper eyes, the circular movements should be from the outside to the inside. To promote blood irrigation, use your thumb and middle finger to gently press your nasal septum just where your tear glands are located, slowly move in circles up and down a few times no more than eight times.

Hopefully you enjoyed these two secrets to make your eyes younger. We will cover some other techniques to rejuvenate our eyes in a later article.

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