Crème De La Mer REVIEW

Crème De La Mer reviews are all over the web. Just Google “Crème De La Mer Reviews” and you will find a ton of reviews about this famous moisturizer. It’s a lot harder to find an honest review about Crème De La Mer, so we have finally decided to do a review about this so called miracle cream.

An aerospace physicist, Dr. Max Huber, created Crème De La Mer. Dr. Huber created this moisturizing cream because he burned his face because something exploded in his face. By the way, I would highly suggest you to go to a medical burn facility if you suffer from bad burns. I can guaranty you that they never will advice you to go out and buy Crème De La Mer.

La Mer is claiming a miracle in a (cheap looking) jar. Like the “healing power” of the Miracle Broth which is the heart of Crème De La Mer. But if this product truly “healed” skin or did something so great, where are the clinical trials and quantitative data to support it? Being a part of the big Estee Lauder Corporation, there is no doubt they can afford it. They also did with the Advanced Night Repair.

Enough with the introduction, lets review Crème De La Mer.

My friends and me have tried Crème De La Mer on and off throughout the years. It’s a very heavy moisturizer if you don’t use it the right way. You have to warm a small amount between your fingertips, before applying it on your face. Nevertheless, I would say this moisturizing cream suits better on dry skin and I wouldn’t recommend it on oily skin at all.

After applying it on your face it feels a bit like Nivea. Most of the ingredients are the same, but comparing Crème De La Mer with Nivea wouldn’t be totally honest. Crème De La Mer uses higher amounts of some ingredients. Sea weed extract etc are all added to a jar of Crème De La Mer.

Crème De La Mer sets very high expectations and are claiming:

– In a short time firmness improves

– Lines, wrinkles and the look of pores become less visible

– Skin looks virtually ageless

– Restoring radiance

After all these years using Crème De La Mer, we can tell you: Almost all these claims are false! The Crème De La Mer is a good (night time) moisturizing cream for dry/ very dry skin and we didn’t noticed our wrinkles become less visible and definitely does not look ageless after using the Crème De La Mer.

The price

Before discussing the price we want to ensure you it’s a good moisturizing cream for night time use and only for people with a dry/ very dry skin. That’s it, it’s just a moisturizer, no healing powers or what so ever. So paying $ 295 for 2 oz (60ml) is beyond craziness.

What’s left you think? An amazing story, which Estee Lauder cleverly bought the rights to. When you spend an huge amount of bucks for a jar of La Mer, that’s what you’re getting. But I guess that’s part of the allure, believing in legend is enough to trigger the placebo effect, and for some people it’s enough to get great results.

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