Best Skincare Product of 2017

It’s that time of the year again, to announce the Best Skincare Product of last year; 2017!

2017. You were great to us. You introduced us to many brands. We have never heard of before. We have tested over 188 skincare products in 2017. Indie skincare and big well established brands. All at our salon.

“About me: As many of you know I started because out of frustration. I was fed up with fake reviews of big online media like Allure, MarieClaire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Instyle etc etc… For me it was obvious that big brands spend millions and millions of dollars to get featured as “Best Skincare Products”. I went investigating and my gut feeling was correct. I interviewed 2 ex-employees of Allure and Cosmopolitan and they told me that big brands payed millions in advertising fee and expected to get featured as “best” in at least 1 category; for instance as “Best Face Mask”. Therefore I decided to review skincare at my own salon.”

The winner of Best Skincare Product 2017 is, again: MUDMASKY® – Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask

MUDMASKY® has won the BestAnti-Aging BEAUTY AWARDS third year on a row; 2015, 2016 and now 2017. The Facial Detox Mask by MUDMASKY® is now also the most reviewed Face Mask in the history of the internet. This high-end Face Mask has over 100,000 reviews online, just Google them and you will see.
The Facial Detox Mask is a deep cleansing Face Mask which is pH-balanced. MUDMASKY® was the first Face Mask brand that offered a pH-balanced mask. Not only they claimed it was pH-balanced, they were also the first to publish the results done by an independent company. We just love how open they are about their testing procedure! Talking about open; MUDMASKY® listed all their ingredients on their website for you to study.
The reason that we have decided to give this years award to MUDMASKY® is because it’s far out the number 1 skincare products that shows immediate results. Your skin immediately looks visibly healthier. Which makes it an unique face mask. For more info and ordering visit their website at

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