Parsley – A miracle Anti-aging food

Parsley is known in South-America as a miracle Anti-aging “Super” food. Loooong before the superfood hype in our country started. Thanks to its diuretic properties, parsley can help eliminate fluid retention and purify the kidneys. We can include it in our meals or take it in infusion.

The properties of parsley are our topic today.

It is rich in vitamin C and A, eating 23 grams a day covers 70% of vitamin C and 30% of A. Parsley has much more vitamin C than oranges! It has highly purifying properties, it is an excellent remedy to clean the blood and the skin of toxins and impurities.

The antioxidant and purifying properties of parsley make it a great remedy for treating cancer, cardiovascular problems, congested veins, arthritis, cerebral infarcts, etc. It has very efficient digestive properties, that is why in some dishes of heavy digestion are usually adorned with a sprig of parsley.

Its diuretic properties are for people who usually retain fluid or are obese. It is an ideal remedy to combat cellulite, obesity, bulging abdomen, skin problems, swelling of the legs and feet, etc.

Parsley juice against obesity and cellulite

Use a well-washed and disinfected sprig of parsley and lick it with the juice of two lemons and one teaspoon of agave honey (which is very low in calories). Drink daily on an empty stomach. For a week. Remember to exercise to help fat to be removed and removed more easily. Another way to prevent and eradicate cellulite with parsley is to eat it in a salad along with celery, red tomato, and lettuce. A salad of this daily barrier with the fat “stuck” in your body.

Parsley juice to rejuvenate and heal skin

Drink fasting a tea of parsley with lemon, very hot. This is prepared by boiling a cup of water and adding a few sprigs of parsley. Let it boil and turn it off. Strap and drink. Do this 3 times a week. In addition to this, drink a carrot juice daily with a sprig of parsley and one of celery. Another juice is aloe or nopal with parsley and lemon. Drink daily any of these two juices and you will see how your skin begins to look rejuvenated and healthy.

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