3 Tips against a dry winter skin


Lisa from Montreal, Canada e-mailed us because she needed tips agains a dry winter skin she suffers every winter from. Well Lisa, and all people who suffer from a dry winter skin, here are 3 important tips.


  1. Your diet

The food you eat, affects your skin. Eating avocados helps a lot, it moisturizes your skin inside out. But Fresh orange juice also helps your skin because te vitamin c helps to get rid out the toxins in your skin.

Other winter superfoods (I actually hate that overrated term) are:


– Broccoli

– Cauliflower

– Onions

– Radishes


– Artichokes





– All fruits with a high dosage of vitamin C helps


  1. A thick (anti-aging) cream

Avoid using to much mudmasks in the winter, because it dries your skin out. Also avoid harsh cleansers, wash with a non-soap liquid cleanser, preferably one with ceramides to replenish the skin’s outer layer.

Use a thick anti-aging cream without alcohol after you have cleaned your face and before you go outdoors. Remember a thick cream doesn’t have to be expensive. Not using a good moisturizer, means faster aging.


  1. Warm shower, Not hot.

A steamy shower feels good, but that hot water is not a good idea for your dry skin.

Hot showers aren’t beneficial for your skins natural oil barrier, and you need that barrier to help trap moisture and keep your skin smooth and moist.

When you hit the shower, try a lower temperature and don’t linger too long. Skin care experts recommend short, normal-warm showers or baths that last no longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Always pat dry and moisturize your body afterwards.




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