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Almost every health-magazine discusses the benefits of drinking lots of water in order to flush out toxins and keep your skin hydrated. But I was really surprised when I discovered the lack of evidence to back this up!

“Water hydrates your skin inside out” is what I read in a famous magazine on my plain to Zurich, Switzerland. The last day in Zurich I visited a great dermatologist; Thomas Jundt MD. I showed him the article an when he was done reading he told me that most information was incorrect. Thomas Jundt MD told me; “when drinking a glass of water, or any other non-alcoholic fluid, it takes a while when it’s filtered by your kidneys. When if finally “arrives” to your skin cells it takes exactly the amount of fluid it needs. Drinking more water than your body needs doesn’t make any sense.”
So I asked him the million-dollar-question; How much water do we have to drink in order to keep hydrated and giving our cells the enough fluid. He told me; “it’s very simple; drink water when you think you need it. Keeping a bottle of water next to your desk is a great way to keep your body hydrated, but don’t push yourself to drink. Compare it with a car. Don’t let it run down to the last drupe, but trying to fill it up with 50 gallons of gas when it only needs 10 is just stupid.” (Did he just call me stupid?!)

If you search for studies done on water, you will find out that different studies had more or less the same outcome; taking more water then your body needs isn’t beneficial for your skin. However, taking less will dry out your skin. It’s that simple.

Sorry water, just 2 stars for skin benefits, you’r just to over rated, like some expensive skin creams.

NOTE: There are some foods and oils you can eat to hydrate your skin cells like for instance, salmon and olive oil. These foods and many more I will discuss soon. Mark this blog as “favorites” in your menu, so you wont miss out!

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