How to Get Rid of a Double Chin? EXERCISE

Turkey Neck, Second Chin, there are lots of nicknames for a Double Chin. It doesn’t only make you look older, but it’s also bad for your self-confidence. The good news is that your not alone, it’s very common among men and women. The bad news is that it’s hard to make it disappear. will give you weekly exercises to make you look younger, better and healthier.

“Spot fat reduction” is impossible

No human body in the world is capable to reduce fat on places you choose. One has to reduce fat percentage overall. Double chin exercises will work only when combined with a diet and cardio exercises. Today I will give you five exercises to get rid of your double chin. But keep in mind that these exercises don’t work without a good workout and diet plan.

1) The Chin Lift

This double chin exercise stretches and tones the various muscles of the face, jaw and neck. Sit erect and tilt your head back until you are looking toward the ceiling. Lips should be pursed tightly, as if you wanted to kiss the ceiling. Just use your lips, do not engage facial muscles. Hold your lips for a five seconds and then release. Repeat ten to twelve times.

2) Platysma Exercise

In this exercise, you open the mouth as wide as possible, then stretch the lower lip and jaw over your top row of teeth. This will tighten the area around the chin and help you lose a double chin. Repeat ten to twelve times.

3) The Jaw Release

The jaw release exercise tones and stretches the muscles of your face. Perform the jaw release exercise as follows: Inhale deeply through the nose; exhale slowly, while humming with your lips pressed tightly together. While you are inhaling and exhaling, move your jaw as if you were chewing. When you finish your exhale, open your mouth up as wide as you can. Inhale, and exhale from your open mouth. Rest the tip of your tongue gently against the backs of your lower teeth to help the jaw relax. Repeat both steps of this exercise ten to twelve times.

4) Chin slap

Using the back of your hand, slap gently underneath your chin. Whilst gently slapping, gradually build up speed. Do this for a couple of minutes, 3 times a day.

5) Neck roll

Sit straight and inhale while turning the head to one side such that the chin touches the shoulder. Now exhale and slowly lower the head such that the chin is resting on the chest. Inhale again and gently lift your head to the other side where the chin touches the other shoulder. Repeat ten to twelve times.


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