Elizabeth Arden – Prevage Anti-aging treatment REVIEW

Today we will review the Prevage Anti-aging treatment of Elizabeth Arden.

Although my skin is thin, it has never been supersensitive before. Trust me, I am the woman who could use Irish Spring on her face and then follow up with a hand lotion while camping and not have any issues. 

I had a bad reaction to the Prevage Serum! Red patches all over my face within the first day. 

Since I had spent almost $200.00 on the bottle (CDN) I was determined to use it. The cosmetic counter told me to add a “cold cream” to it and use it ever other day. Even cut with cold cream I still broke out in a blochy raised itchy burning rash. Do you need skin like an elephants hide to wear this stuff? Sure my wrinkles were going away, you couldn’t see them for raised crusty rash!

I had spent a huge amount of coin on this product and I was bound and determined to use it. I decided I was now the proud owner of an extremly overpriced  hand cream. After all, the skin on my hands is fairly tough and I could get rid of a few freckles while we were at it. 
I had the exact same experience on my hands. Identical. 

I went back to the cosmetic counter. She said, “You’re alergic to Idebenone. You can’t use it.” Alergic? I’ve never been alergic to anything in my life! Unless you count housework!! Two hundred dollars for a product that smells fishy and gives you crusty red scales? I wish I would have spent the two hundred bucks on a maid service…

UPDATE October,1,2014:
Because we founded this review to personal, we have tested this product the past 8 weeks on our new test team. The test team reported a serum that hydrates the skin, but it doesn’t do anything it claims like diminishing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, minor scars, redness, age spots and sun damage.

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