10 reasons to start swimming NOW!

Swimming is probably one of my favourite “Anti-Aging exercises” and I swim twice a week to stay young and healthy. Swimming is one of the most complete exercises to work your mind and body.

Swimming keeps you fit, strengthen your muscles and your memory, so it is advisable to practice at any age. And that way we always stay healthy. According to a study conducted by the University of Indiana (USA), swim 3,000 meters three times a week to curb the biological processes that lead to body decline and aging.

Here are 10 reasons to start swimming NOW!

1. Your quality of life improves dramatically, delaying aging and increasing your chances of development as a mobile and independent person.

2. Strengthens your body. It makes you more alert, more balanced and has a complex reaction time more efficient and fast, so that falls and blows are reduced.

3. In the water, your muscles work five to six times more than on the solid ground because in the liquid medium they find greater resistance to movement. However, the impact is minimal. The effort you have to make to move in the water is much less because the body weighs less.

4. It increases your muscle mass and tones it, lengthens your muscles, provides strength and harmony and enhances your silhouette. Now if you are looking to lose weight or maintain it, you should know that swimming for about forty minutes, you can burn about 500 calories.

5. It increases the thickness of your bones, making them more resistant to blows and injuries.

6. Within the water, your body acquires greater mobility and elasticity. Swimming allows you to exercise your joints, increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

7. It promotes the activity of the cardio-respiratory system. With practice, you will improve the coordination of your breathing and your movements.

8. It is an unmatched exercise for your back. It increases the flexibility of the spine and eliminates the pain. With swimming, the water provides you with an excellent circulatory massage throughout the body.

9. It is a great exercise, that gives you energy, at the same time that allows you to release stress.

10. Swimming is also a relaxation exercise, good for your body and your mind. Try to lie on your back on the water and let your relaxed body float for a moment, it’s a blast!


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  1. That’s really important points you mention here. I will definitely follow your tips and work hard to improve my health.
    Thanks for sharing such amazing article.

    1. Amazing article! For many years I have been working to improve my health. I practice yoga and love swimming.

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