These 5 tips will help you advertise your cosmetic product cheap!

Ok, so you have a small cosmetic company and you want to advertise cosmetic products for cheap. You have tried FaceBook ads and Google ads. Even Bing ads did not work. What can you do?

The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry spends millions on marketing. For smaller brands it’s impossible to compete. Or is there a way? Yes there is…

Looking at small brands that got big the past 5 years, they have 5 things in common. These 5 tips will help you advertise your cosmetic product cheap:

1. They have a killer Instagram page

Looking at brands like GlamGlow and IT. They started a couple of years ago and there Instagram is amazing. Don’t make pictures of your make-up all the time, no-one cares… Give your followers advise and free knowledge. They will reward you back eventually.

2. Go to expo’s

No, don’t hire a stand for 20k. Just go there, meet people and TALK with people. This will increase your network.

3. Stand out in every way

There are thousands and thousands of make-up and skincare brands. You have to stand out to survive. Communicate on your website WHY your product is different.

4. Work with micro-influensters 

Influensters on social media LOVE to get your product out there. BUT they will charge you a lot. They ask between $ 100 USD and 2k per post. And they are NOT worth it anymore. FaceBook and Instagram have noticed this too and changed there algorithm sinds March 2018. Micro-influenster however will post your product for free in exchange for a free product. They are also more effective because they do it for the “love”.

5. Advertise on SUPER-targeted blogs

The big blogs asks thousands of dollars for a post. But smaller specialized websites ask around $ 100 – 500 USD per post with a LOT of dedicated followers. At for instance we offer a blog-post starting at only $ 75 USD. However we don’t do payed reviews. For more info, check out our policy:


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