Kylie Jenner Announced Her Skincare Line KylieSkin

No it’s not a joke, this morning we announced the new skincare line of Rhianna, and now Kylie Jenner is announcing het new skincare kine, KylieSkin.

In August 2018 we predicted as the first blog in the world that Kylie would start a Skincare Line.  
Now are predictions came true. We gave 3 important reasons why she would start a skincare line. READ OLD POST HERE.

Less than 24 hours after announcing her brand-new line of skincare products, Kylie Jenner has revealed the first item joining the KylieSkin family: a face wash.

Price KylieSkin
Prices of the KylieSkin skincare range between $ 20 USD for an eye cream till $ 28 USD for a serum. A whole kit contains 6 Kylie Skincare products, which retails for $ 125 USD.
At we think this is a really fair price!

1 million followers within 48 hours
And offcourse the new product is launched on Instagram. @KylieSkin is the new verified IG-handle with almost 1 million followers in less than 48 hours!! Kylie posted a pic of the brand new product, described as a “foaming face wash.” The packaging looks very “Kylie-like” and will probably be an other hit under millennials.

KylieSkin Available starting May 22
On her Instagram she announced a few days ago: “It starts with skin. #KYLIESKIN is coming… 05.22

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