Glossybox Lanches Glossybox Skincare – and it’s amazing!

GLOSSYBOX Skincare is eco-friendly as possible. Not only are all formulations vegan, cruelty-free and at least 87% natural, but they come in packaging made of sugarcane (where possible) that is 100% recyclable. Prices range between 13 euro and 25 euro (£12 GBP and £ 23 GBP)

How did they do this we hear you ask? Well, Glossybox worked with their ‘Glossies’ to create the range listening to users and focusing on subscriber feedback – so if you already subscribe to Glossybox it’s been made with you in mind, easy to use and multi-functional. 

They also have full control over the supply chain of the range, having developed and produced in the UK with leading skincare specialists. 

Glossybox Skincare Launches August 12, 20201

Whats more the beautiful pink packaging is for a focus on environmentally friendly packaging – the Skincare range uses 100% recyclable sugarcane packaging, only a few pumps can’t be recycled ) and unique and powerful formulations for hydrated, nourished skin.

What’s included in the Glossybox Skincare range?

  • 3 in 1 Rich Moistersier, £18 (Subscribers) £22.50 (RRP)
  • Daily Micellear Gel Cleanser, £12 (Subscribers) £15 (RRP)
  • Deep Cleansing Cream, £16 (Subscribers), £15 (RRP)
  • Purifying Charcoal Cleanser £16 (Subscribers), £20 (RRP)
  • Gentle Foaming Cleaner £12 (Subscribers), £15 (RRP)
  • Exfoliating Clay Scrub £16 (Subscribers), £20 (RRP)
  • Eye Boost Cream, £16 Subscribers) £20 (RRP)
  • Night Serum £18 (Subscribers), £22.50 (RRP)
  • Hydrating Mist £16 (Subscribers), £20 (RRP)

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