This is how Tai Chi is going to help at the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang

The 23rd Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are just officially kicked off! And here is a new method that the US-team is going to use – Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is being used for ages to stay young and is now even being used to prepare for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Kam Chuen even wrote a book about staying young with Tai Chi named; “Tai Chi for Staying Young: The Gentle Way to Health and Well-Being”. And now the US-team is using Tai Chi to prepare for the 2018 Olympics.

It’s all about Faith to pepare for Pyeongchang.

Especially for Ice-Skating. “Ice-Skating is a huge mental sport”, says Joey Mantia. “The suits are designed by Under Armor. If you believe in the suit you’re racing in, that’s a step in the right direction. I do not think the suits will play a role this time. ”

The mental coaching of American ice-skaters are becoming big business. Four years ago they failed at the moment suprême. That’s why a tai chi trainer, Mark Cheng, has now been hired for $ 1.2 million USD.

He uses the originally Chinese exercise theory to help the skaters with their recovery after training. ,, It costs a lot of money but Mark is a good instructor, for mindfullness and Tai Chi. It helps to loosen our bodies. I really believe he can be the difference between winning and losing and than that crazy amount, isn’t so crazy anymore ”

The goal of the US-team is ambitious: five medals. “In principle, the staff has provided us with all means to get medals,” says Mantia. ,, It is now up to us.”


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