Skincare company says: “Don’t buy our products”

I’m blogging for almost 4 years now and this must be the weirdest thing I have ever seen; a skincare company that says NOT to buy its products. 

Amsterdam based skincare company MUDMASKY has shut down their website and webshop for 48 hours for the weirdest reason I have ever saw in my entire life. Entering the website you find the next statement with a countdown timer in the footer of the website:

“Do NOT buy our Face Masks.We have decided to shut down our website and webshop for 48 hours. NO, we are NOT hacked. NO, not even for maintenance or a new website. We wan’t you to be aware. Before you spend about 80 bucks on a Face Mask. Why? We started MUDMASKY® 2,5 years ago with 1 mission. Our mission is helping you achieving a healthy skin. And a healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy. Exercising. Not smoking. Reducing alcohol to a bare minimum. Limiting stress. Protecting your skin against the sun.
All above is 80%. About 10% are genes. And the FINAL step (about 10%) is skincare.
So achieving a perfect, healthy, beautiful skin is possible, but we need your help to get the best result. We hope this message causes more awareness. Feel free to share this message on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!”

Furthermore they have stated and “about us” and how to reach them.

We have called MUDMASKY and spoken to the CEO, Majid Mousavi on why he has done this.

Here is what he said:

“We started this company with a clear mission, which was helping people reaching the perfect skin. Since day 1 clearly stated on our website that a healthy skin is determined on many factors. Not just what you put on your face. But I felt like we have lost a little bit of that mission since we were growing rapidly. We were celebrating our sales succes, instead of making people aware on how to improve your skin. Everybody that visits our website is a customer, so also the people that don’t buy. Our website must be so informative that you leave, improve your lifestyle and maybe come back to take the last steps. Because no skincare product in the world can do miracles. We are the last step to a healthy skin, not the first.”

The vision and mission of the company is very impressive. 2 years ago we rated MUDMASKY as “best skincare product” and my love for them has only become more!

More about MUDMASKY? Follow the on Instagram: @mudmasky



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