HEV-light Protecting Skincare is here – MUDMASKY Blue Light Protecting Mask

Sometimes in life you have problems, you didn’t know they even exist. HEV-light from your digital devices is such a problem. Scientist have recently discovered that the HEV-light or Blue Light from your digital devices is harming your skin. Dutch-based skincare company MUDMASKY, says it has the answer.

The MUDMASKY Blue Light Protection Mask is the world’s first skincare product, which protects your skin like a shielding mask against the HEV light from all your digital devices like your smartphone and laptop.

But what is blue light and is it harmful for your skin?
Yes, research confirms that blue light – emitted from our digital devices is indeed bad for our skin. Just like UV-rays, blue light penetrates the skin. Actually HEV-light from your digital devices penetrates deeper than UV-light from the sun.

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The problems with blue light 

Blue light (also referred to as High Energy Visible or HEV light) poses potential skin harm via free radical generation, in an interview with harpersbazaar.com Dr Williams explains, “as blue light has been shown in studies to induce oxidative stress in live skin”. This can contribute to skin ageing, like exposure to UVA (long known to age our skin prematurely), however – as Dr Williams points out – “blue light has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin compared with both UVA and UVB light”. In fact, she notes, “blue light can penetrate all the way to our dermis, where our collagen and elastin live”. Read: loss of firmness and an increase in visible lines as a result.

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Another way blue light might be ageing our skin is by causing pigmentation. “Studies indicate that visible light may also be more active in inducing pigmentation compared to UV light,” the dermatologist explains. 

Blue light also compromises our beauty sleep by way of disrupting our natural circadian rhythm. “If exposed to significant amounts of blue light at night for example, you may find it more difficult to fall asleep,” says Dr Williams (hands up who watched Netflix and scrolled trough their phone in bed last night). It’s because, she explains, blue light “affects the level of melatonin, our sleep hormone”.

So how does the MUDMASKY Blue Light Protection Mask protect your skin?
Actually, the Blue Light Protection Mask is a leave-on “mask” which you can use as your daily moisturizer. Just like sunblock, MUDMASKY has made this skincare product with proven active ingredients which block HEV-light. See ingredients below:


The main ingredient which protects against HEV Light is Carnosine. It boosts your skin’s natural defense against daylight and radiations. Carnosine has powerful antioxidant properties that stimulate collagen synthesis. Furthermore, it protects against free radicals, firms, and smooths the skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Vitamin E Acetate or Tocopheryl Acetate is a strong antioxidant (free radical scavenger). It helps to protect cell components from premature changes and supports the formation of new cells. Vitamin E Acetate also has UVprotecting and inflammation-reducing properties.

Natural Calendula

Reduces inflammation for the preventive care of normal, sensitive and dry skin.

Moroccan Lava Clay

A natural mineral clay mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is an extraordinary mineral-rich clay that helps in the treatment of dehydrated, sensitive skin, and enlarged pores. It also helps build and strengthen the elasticity of the skin.

The MUDMASKY Blue Light Protecting Mask is for sale on their website for € 49 Euro / $ 58 USD: https://mudmasky.com/product/blue-light-protection-mask/

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