5 reasons why millennials are switching from Instagram to VERO

Millennials are switching from Instagram to VERO rapidly, but why? Today we will reveal the 5 most important reasons.

Vero is not a new social media app. It launched back in 2015 and become populair, for a couple of weeks…. But at beginning of 2018 it started a come-back and today it’s the #1 most downloaded app in the app store of Apple. Yesterday they even had over half a million downloads, mostly by millennials.¬†

Why is VERO becoming so populair?

  1. The first simple is a very smart marketing strategy. The app is free. For the first million people that download it. VERO creates demand in this way. People downloading it for free, just to be sure they have it already.
  2. Youngsters become sick and tired of Instagram’s feed.¬†Instagram (and FaceBook) has changed it’s algorithm. So they decide what you see. And most people, especially young people, don’t like it when they are controlled. VERO doesn’t have such an algorithm.
  3. Ads. Instagram’s feed has so much ads that it has become annoying. VERO promised you that they never will do this. Instead, you can promote anything you want via VERO and they get a small percentage of your sell. Seems more fair.
  4. Influensters. They are mad and feel misused. This is maybe the most important group that is suffering from Instagram’s new rules and algorithm. Influensters on Instagram have at least 100k followers and there videos and pictures have been viewed/like sometimes 50 times less than before! Some influensters posted videos and had 2 million views in 2 days. Now some have only 10k views in 1 week. Now they are rapidly promoting VERO via their Instagram channel.
  5. Instagram is soooo 2017. VERO is new (although introduced in 2015) and hot. It’s the new kid in town. Time will tell how populair it will be and if it will destroy Instagram.

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