Why Fergie looks older than she actually is.

Although Fergie can boast of a striking figure, her face already shows the consequences of age, but why does Fergie looks older than she actually is?

Fergie aged so rapidly that the new iPhone X, could’t recognize her face after she installed it we are guessing. Such a horrible thing to say, but if you don’t want to age as fast as Fergie, don’t do DRUGS! Fergie has used a ton of ecstasy and Chrystal Meth. In an interview with Oprah 5 years ago she told “I was addicted to Chrystal Meth and it made me crazy, I saw my whole face change in a matter of months”. Well, that ain’t “Fergielicious” or whatever…

Why does Chrystal Meth destroy your face?

The scientists discovered the production of ceramide involves a specific protein called nuclear factor kappa beta.
Normally, this protein helps regulate the DNA of other proteins, so the body functions normally.
However, methamphetamine causes the cells to let out signals.
This, in turn, induces the nuclear factor kappa beta inside the cell to let out signals, which triggers the dramatic increase in the production of cell-ageing ceramide.
Normally, ceramide regulates how cells use energy and nutrients, so when it’s activity is amplified, the cell’s metabolism is also sped up.
‘We found this signaling process to be key for advanced cellular aging, which is at the heart of the accelerated aging influenced by methamphetamine abuse,’ said Professor Daniele Piomelli, of University of California, Irvine, who carried out the research.


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