The DANGERS of using a Charcoal Mask

Using a Charcoal Mask looks like fun, but the dangers of this trend are bigger than you think!

Skin experts say that the dangers of using a Charcoal Mask is especially because of the glue. “You are actually pulling of your protected barrier” Maria Gonzales says. Maria is working as a dermatologist for over 15 years in California. She is worried a lot about the trend of the Charcoal Mask. “Especially on Instagram you see tonnes of videos of boys and girls pulling the mask of theie face. The worst Charcoal Masks are the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) masks. Using to much glue is so bad for your skin, you can’t even imagine, it will leave your skin worse than before.”

What about the blackheads that it pulls out?

(Maria starts laughing out loud) “No skincare product can PULL OUT blackheads, it’s just impossible. These masks will also mess the ph-value of your skin up. That is why we only use ph-neutral or ph-balanced products in our salon like the MUDMASKY Face Mask which is an all natural mask and adapts to your skin”

So no more Charcoal Mask?

“It’s not the Charcoal which is bad, Charcoal does not cause any problems. But it’s the glue in the Pull-off maks. So you still can use Charcoal Masks, just don’t use the pull-off Charcoal Masks which is dominating almost 99% of the market right now.”



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