A fruit to stay young, Grapes!

No, you don´t need to get a cup of wine to get Grapes benefits, we will learn different ways to use them and of course to extract their amazing benefits.

However, you might be wondering why Grapes, lets see in detail what they can give to us before getting some cooking recipes to use them. The main active principle in Grapes is ¨Resveratrol¨ which REDUCES AGING EFFECTS and FIGHTS AGAINST CANCER, however we need to keep the balance in all what we eat to keep the balance in our health.

Grapes, Whipped Cream Cheese and Walnuts Rejuvenate Snack:

In order to create this tastefully and healthy dessert you need to get between 10 up to 15 grapes if is only for yourself, an amount of Whipped cream cheese enough to cover them all since we are wrapping the grapes with it, and at last but not least some ground walnuts to cover the wrapped grapes. So, the preparation is simple, properly wash the grapes and dry them carefully, wrap the grapes with the Whipped cream cheese and cover each grape with ground walnuts. This is delicious and perfect either for morning as well as afternoon snack. It provides omega-3 fats from the walnuts, among other benefits; if you select the Whipped Cream Cheese you will get the big taste and healthy choice, however don take this snack more than once a week; and we already talked about grapes´ benefits, so go ahead and enjoy your snack!

I like to enjoy a cup of Chai Tea when getting this snack, is up to you, another option is a cup of Green Tea, I like them cold when I get them with this snack but once again is your decision.

Grapes´ 100% Stimulating and Firming Sculpting Face Mask: Get about 5 or 10 grapes and smash them all in a bowl until they become pulp, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes and apply it to your hands and face skin leaving it there for about 15 minutes, wash it with abundant fresh water, apply your usual daily use moisturizing cream and you will see the incredible results. What I really loves about this is that you can use it often if not daily, I love to use it early in the mornings, I leave the grapes in the fridge since previous night so I can just smash them and apply them without waiting.

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