Jogging causes wrinkles – Myth or Fact?

There are many people that are claiming that jogging causes wrinkles, time for to find out if this is a Myth or Fact?

It may sound like the perfect excuse to not exercise because “Jogging causes wrinkles”. But is this really true and how on earth could this be, if it’s true?

Let us start with explaining you which part is true.

Jogging in General 

Once you start running your face becomes redder and dilate your blood vessels. This gives the cells in your face initially more oxygen. Unfortunately, it is true that also starts to ask for more oxygen to the rest of the body after 20 minutes and this is at the expense of the fat cells in your face. And fat in your face keeps the fine lines away. People who are overweight have way less wrinkles, compared to slim people.

Running outdoors

The place you are running is also very important. Running in the sun, means you are exposing your face to sunlight, which causes wrinkles. The sweat can’t hold the sun lotion either. We would recommend a hat and long sleeves.

These two above facts are the proven ONLY facts that jogging causes wrinkles. BUT, and there is a big BUT in this case, it depends on you!


Why jogging does NOT cause wrinkles and even prevents you from premature aging?

Jogging increases your heart and lung capacity. More of the cells of your body are getting oxygenated by those deep breaths you take when slow running. Well-oxygenated cells function better. This just so happens to be the real reason your jogging works for Anti-Aging. You are increasing your oxygen delivery to every cell of your body, including your younger looking complexion.


Jogging 3 -4 times a week is highly recommended for 25 minutes max a day. If you are jogging outside, wear a hat and long sleeves. Jogging causes wrinkles is a Myth.

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