Tragic death of young bitcoiner Pavel Nyashin

The tragic death of young a Russian bitcoiner, Pavel Nyashin is unbelievable.

Pavel Nyashin is a 23 year old vlogger about bitcoins and was found dead in his flat. The circumstances of his death are very suspicious.

Pavel Nyashin had a vlog on YouTube, and posted vlogs on other sites about his adventures in the wonderful world of crypto coins. But the young investor also liked to show off with the money he earned in his videos. In addition, he made the mistake of giving his address price.

Robbers attacked him and beaten him up in his country house in Leningrad Oblast near St. Petersburg. According to The Sun, they were dressed as Santa Claus. They won 20 million rubles ( $ 70,000 USD) and documents from the safe.

Pavel Nyashin ‘s Vlog

Pavel, who regularly blogged about crypto coins, and also gave advice to potential investors, became depressed after the robbery. His blog did not receive any updates in the past few months. According to his mother, a large part of the stolen money belonged to investors, and the boy was unable to repay it. He went to live with his mother after the robbery. There he was found dead a couple of days ago.


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