THERANOS Fraudster Elizabeth Holmes Going To Prison

She was ones the youngest female billionaire and now THERANOS fraudster Elizabeth Holmes is probably going to prison, broke. From being on the cover of TIME, to JAIL-TIME.

Theranos, a blood-testing startup that promised to revolutionize consumers’ access to their medical information, started as a Silicon Valley start-up. Holmes had the perfect backstory: a college dropout-turned-chief executive who had assembled a company board filled with powerful ex-government and military leaders and wanted to change the world.

THERANOS was valued ones at $ 10 billion, until WSJ Reporter John Carreyrou exposed Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes and her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend), Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani turned out to be lying, manipulating sick individuals. THERANOS blood-tests didn’t worked and they knew it. Meanwhile Holmes was stealing money from investors, $ 700 million to be precise. Now she has been charged with federal criminal wire fraud and is facing decades in prison.

To be continued….


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