Sleeping Infusions to stay Young

The main herbs to prepare our sleeping infusions are: Linden Flower powder (Love this word, FLOWER POWER, hihi), Lemmon Verbena powder, Valerian Root powder and Cinnamon powder. This is the base for the blend we preparing and we should have equal parts of these ingredients in a glass vessel and shake all of them until everything is mixed up, also needs to be shaken when using it, each time. We just need ½ teaspoon to prepare a cup of sleeping infusion and a cup of this infusion is good enough for a night of good sleep, you can use this preparation 3 times a week no more than that.

To enrichen the previous infusion you can add some scratches of orange peel.

It is important to understand that this infusion is to relax but the real reason of why you might be having problems to sleep needs to be found, a good way to find out what is causing us troubles is to reach professional help or creating if not joining a support group, yes a support group.

For instance lets say you have one or two more friends that are also facing the same lack of sleep, then just gather together to talk about what you doing to face it. It is vital to have a strategy to face lack of sleep, insomnia.

During the day avoid getting more than one nap in the morning and no more than one in the afternoon, a nap should be no more than 20 minutes and not less than 10 minutes.

If you feel tired during the day go ahead and get a cup of Green Tea, still tired? Get Chai Tea, not energized yet? Do something vigorous and get a fruit salad, a little one or bite an apple or a pear save the rest for later on just cut the piece you want to eat that should be no more bigger than two bites, wait 10 minutes and get another two bites, keep doing so until you feel the power, and you will feel it.

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