Removed Deciem CEO – Brandon Truaxe – the new Creative Director of MUDMASKY?

It looks like Brandon Truaxe has found a new job with MUDMASKY as the new creative director, exactly 2 weeks after he got removed as the CEO of Deciem by Estée Lauder.

Just recently  the Wall Street Journal reported that A Canadian court issued a restraining order against Brandon Truaxe after the Toronto skin-care products entrepreneur sent an email last week threatening harm to Leonard Lauder, a prominent New York philanthropist and chairman emeritus of cosmetics giant Estée Lauder Co. 

BUT, it looks like there is finally some good news for Truaxe, after weeks of being negative headlines about the previous Deciem CEO. The title as a creative director of MUDMASKY would be very odd, since Truaxe still is the majority stake-holder of Deciem.

Meanwhile Deciem has re-opened all her stores and is continuing with Nicola Kilner as the new CEO.

Truaxe immediately shared the offer on his personal Instagram account @btruaxe , but removed it a few hours later. Truaxe even shared all the details, from salary ($ 250,000 USD per year) to benefits.

Below you will find the screenshots taken on Truaxe’s Instagram account.

MUDMASKY is a fast growing Dutch skincare company who’s famous Facial Detox mask has been awarded “Best Face Mask” 4 years in a row. The cult brand has very loyal followers and is recently valued at $ 22 million USD.

If and when he has accepted the offer, made by the CEO of the company is not clear. However, since he has removed the post, there is a big chance he will.

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