ORIGINS Launches New Cannabis Mask – HELLO CALM

Origins – Estée Lauder owned –  has taken a step into the booming cannabis skincare market with the launch of its new Hello, Calm mask into Sephora online this week. The new celadon green face mask contains cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp.

The cannabis beauty business is booming and skincare companies are putting non-toxic cannabis in almost anything. The reason is because cannabidiol, the active ingredient, has lots of benefits for the skin. BUT there is almost no cannabidiol in these products, because of the law. There is no place on earth (except for The Netherlands) that over 0,01% cannabidiol is legal. For this reason we doubt if this product has any effect. This is probably one of the reasons FRESH has discontinued there mask.

ORIGINS has worked closely with Sephora to create there new Cannabis Mask. Hello Calm was even a name Sephora’s marketing manager came up with.

The Cannabis Mask will join other brands that sell cannabis cosmetic products from Sephora, including Milk Makeup, High Beauty and Fresh, and will be available in store from 5th October.


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