BREAKING – McDonalds stops selling Cheeseburgers!

McDonalds has an unhealthy image and it wants to upgrade it, therefore McDonalds stops selling Cheeseburgers in their Happy Meal.

The famous Happy Meal is getting the upgrade it deserves. The kids menu is quite unhealthy. And The fast food restaurant chain also wants to upgrade his image.¬†McDonalds¬†is under pressure worldwide to offer healthier options, especially for children. For this reason, the company wants to make it’s famous Happy Meal healthier in all 120 countries where it is active.

By 2022 at least half of the Happy Meals in different countries must meet the new health requirements. That means that they contain up to six hundred calories. Of those calories, no more than 10 percent may come from saturated fats and 10 percent from added sugars. They must not contain more than 650 milligrams of salt. And the cheeseburger is just to unhealthy on all points.

But the big M is changing more. In The Netherlands for example it’s going to stop advertising extremely unhealthy drinks like “Fristi” and “Chocomel”. The company behind these drinks, FrieslandCampina never saw this coming.

McDonalds is saying that if a customer specifically only asks for a cheeseburger in their happy meal, it won’t say no. “Because we want to keep every customer happy”.


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