How does Gianluca Vacchi stay young?

He is almost 50 years old, and famous for dancing like an 18-year-old on his yacht or other sunny place, Gianluca Vacchi, better known as “the dancing Italian man on Instagram”, but who is Gianluca Vacchi (this living legend still doesn’t has a Wikipedia page, someone please make one) and what does he do to stay so young and fit?

Who is Gianluca Vacchi?
In the sixties, his father founded the company in IMA, which has become the global leader in packaging. With thirty percent of the shares, he owns a lot of money. the 48-year-old Vacchi became a social phenomenon after sharing his famous dance videos on social media. 

The diet plan of Gianluca Vacchi

Now you are asking yourself, this is all nice, but how does he stay young? The first thing is his diet: Gianluca has a strict diet. Low-calorie, and High-protein. A special “stay-young” diet. A high-protein, low-calorie diet plan can provide a healthy way of eating when smart food choices are made. This means choosing lean protein sources which also provide other sources of nutrients such as heart-healthy fatty acids and fiber. He eats a lot of vegetables, especially broccoli and kale. His favorite healthy anti-aging food is grilled fatty fish such as salmon and second grilled chicken breast with plenty of veggies. An excellent Anti-Aging diet if you ask us!

Is it only his diet?

No! Here is more:

He Exercises daily: This Italian playboy hits the gym almost every day! The perfect way to stay young and healthy.

His favorite skincare brand? On his Instagram we noticed that Gianluca uses the Sleep Repair Mask from MUDMASKY. We have reviewed the Detox Mask of MUDMASKY as “BEST” a couple of years ago.

His girl: Giorgia Gabriele, wayyy younger than Gianluca. Keeps you young they say…

Good life, good food, young girlfriend, who would get old. Isn’t it obvious?

Some say money can buy anything, in the case of Gianluca Vacchi this is true. The Italian Playboy doesn’t worry about money and lives a life without stress. Just take a look at his instagram, (read more under the pictures):


And offcourse his famous dancing videos (Dancing is an excellent Anti-Aging exercise!)

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