Deciem Founder – Brandon Truaxe is describing the Estee Lauder family as “tumours”

After a long silence on social media, the founder of Deciem – Brandon Truaxe -is striking back. In a controversial instgram post on his personal Instagram account he is describing the Estee Lauder family as “tumours”, after he got fired last week as a CEO.

“@esteelaudercompanies, @deciem: I have just boarded Air France 6, from CDG to JFK, in First Class on the account of DECIEM. Leonard Lauder, the broader Lauder family, Fabrizio Freda, Pasquale Cusano and some of the team at @deciemwho have now become tumours — you have used doctored images, videos and information about me to distract the world from serious crimes I have reported about you. You have illegally removed my access to my DECIEM email and social accounts. I’ll fight for justice like a patient, observant lion. [ Anyone who wishes to follow the journey ahead, I welcome you to send a blank email to ] -Brandon”

It looks like the Founder of the populair skincare brand is giving people a chance to follow his journey via direct emails.

Updating soon!

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