These cosmetic companies decide what you buy

90% of the cosmetic brands you are buying are controlled by 6 MAJOR leaders; L’oréal, Estée Lauder, Unilever, Coty, Shiseido and Johnson & Johnson. And they keep on getting bigger. Procter & Gamble for instance, also a huge player, was acquired by Coty back in 2015. These 6 major leaders own over 200 very famous beauty brands, like;

Kiehls, The Body Shop, NYX, Garnier (owned by L’oréal).
SmashBox, Origins, GlamGlow (owned Estée Lauder).
AXE, Simple, Dove (owned by Unilever).
Rimmel, Wella, Guess (owned by Coty).
Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals, NARS (owned by Shiseido).
ROC, Neutrogena, Rogaine (Owned By Johnson & Johnson).

Indie skincare companies that are independent and do good get bought for outrages prices. Like a few years ago GlamGlow was acquired by Estée Lauder.

What’s the problem I hear you thinking? Simple; These companies are SO BIG, that you think you have a choice, but you actually don’t, the choice is already made for you. Think about it the next time you walk into Sephora…

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