Chinese taxi driver suspended for wearing skincare face mask while driving

A taxi driver in Hong Kong was recently seen wearing a skincare face mask while driving.

Qianjiang Evening News reported that Chen Yiqun was spotted by a young woman who took a picture of him as he was driving to refuel his car in Zhejiang province on Friday, Oct 19.

Chen told the news portal that he began using sheet masks every two to three days since he turned 20.

“I pick all the skincare products for my family. I’m more particular about them than my wife,” he said.

The photo of the cabbie’s skincare mask went viral on social media. However, it also resulted in him getting a three-day suspension.

Unamused by the 25-year-old’s attempt to keep his skin hydrated, local police tracked Chen down to give him a “stern lecture”.

Police said that wearing a sheet mask on the job could be dangerous, as it could fall off and affect the driver’s vision.

Chen was then suspended for three days by his employer.

Meanwhile, netizens found the cabbie’s behaviour rather amusing.

Comments ranged from “Perhaps in China, Halloween starts a week earlier” to “Girls everywhere take note, you have to take care of your skin no matter how busy you are,” the South China Morning Post reported.

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