Bitcoin falls below $ 6.500 USD – Man dies from hart attack

February 5 – 2018, the day that Bitcoin just closed below $ 6.500 USD and a man in China gets a heart attack and dies.

Ming Ho invested al his money in Bitcoin. Bitcoin was going great and it was Ming bought his entire life savings, almost $ 700,000 USD bitcoins. Ming was living a healthy lifestyle and was almost 60. People thought his age was around 40. But the healthy lifestyle could’t help him. Ming died because of bitcoin.

It’s a tragic story from a small village in China that just got in. It shows what stress can do. Stress is the number 1 cause of aging. Stress makes you age so rapidly and can even lead to immediate death, like in Ming’s case.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is meditating dailyAlso don’t drink alcohol. This can make stress worse. 

But the best way is off course to take a vacation.



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