Best Super Bowl commercial 2018 – Toyota

Super Bowl 2018 has just ended yesterday and everybody is talking about that 1 best commercial; Toyota, you did it! You made me want to buy my first Toyota. Ever.

Toyota didn’t made a commercial on cars for Super Bowl. No. They have made a commercial about humans. Handicapt humans that can be anything they want if they keep pushing. The 2018 Toyota Super Bowl commercial is about Lauren Woolstencroft, ex paralympic gold medalist. It’s the only commercial EVER that has made me cry watching it. This Super Bowl commercial of Toyota shows a young baby born with no legs can and one hand reach the top of the world by pushing herself to the max. Not giving up. It’s really more that a commercial. The Toyota Super Bowl commercial is named “Good Odds”.

UPDATE: This commercial was – by the way – already on youtube since last week, but aired on tv at Super Bowl 2018. See for your self:

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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