7 GOLDEN Rules to Regenerate Wrinkles

We all know that there are 7 capital sins, but we are talking today about 7 golden rules to Regenerate Wrinkles.

Sleep well: Remember that this is one of the best beauty treatments and will cost you nothing. Microcirculation and drainage activate at night and they promote toxins depuration. Since breathing is slower and deeper therefore your skin oxygenates more quickly when sleeping. Remember to clean your skin before going to sleep and to put some argan oil after cleaning it. We should not sleep less than 6 hours and no more than 10 hours.

Eat well: We strongly recommend you to eat cucumber, lettuce and spinach salads seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, grounded almonds and walnuts. Have these salads on a daily basis as healthy snacks between foods, get little portions like a cup, no more than that so you can have up to 4 snacks per day. You can refresh your skin at that time with some water mixed with oat and then just wash it with abundant fresh water.

Play sports: Pilates is a very good way to stay healthy, however playing a competition sport such as basket, tennis or even dancing or doing aerobics will help you to bring oxygen to your skin, playing sports also promotes toxins elimination in a funny way. Don’t forget to clean your skin after performing your favorite physical activity, you can use some water mixed with oat and then just wash it with abundant fresh water.

Get rid of bad habits: Bold and plain, if you smoke stop doing so. Avoid second hand smoke and be firm about it. Switch from coffee to green tea or chai tea. Instead of drinking a soda have vegetables or fruit juice.

Get rid of stress: Control your breathing when facing problems, seriously, focus on your breath rhythm and slow it down, then think in a solution, write it down, keep looking for alternative options, talk to your significant ones about your concerns and problems. Avoid people that is always in the middle of a crisis, once or twice is fine but always is not right, be firm about this, recommend them to see for professional aid.

Enhance your social life: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all social networks are just fine but go outside and sit down with your friends and have a nice conversation face to face with your cellphones turned off, you will see the difference, much better than video chat.

Clean your skin: Refresh your skin constantly with some water mixed with oat and then just wash it with abundant fresh water.

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