5 simple tips which keep you Young Forever!

Today I will give you 5 simple tips which keep you Young Forever.

How much water should we drink every day and when? Is important to pay attention on how we sitting when using the computer or the cellphone? Is the usage of cellphones and tablets related to aging and how? Are you laughing enough?

Answering this questions is todays topic and we are looking to stay younger and find more pleasure in life by doing so.

Lets start with ¨drinking water¨ question, it is recommended to start your day with a glass of pure water and then take a shower, however is your decision, but with that habit before every meal you will be fine if you also include 2 natural juices during the day and at least 2 tiny salads, there is no need to drink too much water if you have a balanced intake of foods containing a high water volume such as watermelon, grapefruits or even your daily glass of orange juice. So bottom line is 1 glass 10 minutes before every meal is just OK. Remember, “overdrinking water” doesn’t make any sense. 

It is very important to pay attention to our position when using tablets or cellphones, they can affect our lives in so many ways like suffering from pain in wrist and hand that is being used to hold the device, suffering from pain within finger joints of the fingers that often touch the touch screens. And since a lot of us put those devices on our knees the neck ache is very probable to be in our list of suffering pains.

If you are using your tablet or cellphone to close to your eyes this might be causing you to close your eyes to get a better sight or enhance your vision but also causing wrinkles around them. If you are looking down all the time to check your tablet or cell phone then you might be generating the right position that causes wrinkles on the skin around the neck.

If you are not laughing enough you might be accumulating stress that will play against you in your battle against aging.

Conclusion, staying young is kind of simple; be careful on how long and in what position you are using your gadgets and devices, watch something funny on Youtube or at any other place at the web at least twice a day and get some water before every meal ;-)

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