Dull skin in the morning? This Morning Boost Mask makes your skin less tired.

We have all been there, you wake up early in the morning, you look in the mirror, realizing your skin looks dull and tired. What if I told you that my favorite Dutch skincare company – MUDMASKY – has come up with a Morning Boost Mask which makes your skin looking energized and less tired. Yes even at 5:00 AM!

MUDMASKY just introduced the brand new Morning Boost Mask on their Instagram and I had to get my hands on it. Yesterday I received my order and tried the Morning Boost Mask this morning and I can tel you; It really, really was your skin up…

A new way to wake up your skin – Copyright MUDMASKY®

How does this mask wake your skin up in the morning?

The Morning Boost mask is made with Coffee, Flowers and Moroccan Mud. The coffee-beans and flowers are imported from Flores, Indonesia. These coffee-beans are among the richest in antioxidants in the world. Indonesian coffee-farmers rub their facial skin with wet pulverized coffee-beans and flowers in the morning. This technique is been used for ages (and the formula has been copied by MUDMASKY). It makes their skin look super-energized and intensely plumped.

Was my skin less tired in the morning?

Yes! But let’s talk about the mask first.

The first thing that stood out to me about this mask was its thin, smooth texture, which I found to be a very nice. This made the application and removal process quick and mess-free. The other nice thing was that this Morning Mask is used while you are brushing your teeth, so no precious time is wasted in the morning. When I applied it it felt like my whole skin was being lifted in just 20 seconds, it’s a feeling I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED in my life. I removed the mask and my skin felt ULTRA-fresh and super-energized. This mask is the product I was needing whole my life…


The new Morning Boost Mask is available (with free shipping worldwide) on the official MUDMASKY® website www.mudmasky.com



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