This is the way to protect your skin against aging after a suntan

Did you know its important to protect your skin against aging, even AFTER a suntan? Today we will teach you the fastest and easiest way. In just 2 steps.

Fun fact: Europe and the US have one of the longest and hottest summer ever this year. 2018 is breaking records everywhere!

STEP 1 – Remove dead skin cells with a very soft scrub. Do NOT use a harsh scrub, this can damage your skin!

Although your skin feels dry and rough, you should give them a light scrub before you use a moisturizing cream or oil. This must have the chance to penetrate deep into the skin and that is only possible if you first remove all dead skin cells in the top layer. Fun fact: If you scrub your skin, your tan will become even deeper. Most people think that their nice suntan will “disappear”.
An important element in scrubbing is the choice of your scrub. Because your skin is affected from the summer, it is best to opt for a mild scrub with nourishing ingredients such as olives or essential fatty acids.

STEP 2 – Lubricate your body again with a moisturizing cream or oil

After scrubbing, it is important to hydrate your skin. Use an extra moisturizing cream or oil instead of your body lotion for daily use. Your skin can use the extra hydration well now the natural balance of moisture and oil is out of balance.

That’s it, enjoy your suntan in a safe way!

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