Is yogurt healthy or not?

Yogurt is fermented milk, that is it, but is it healthy or not?

Yogurt is the result of the growth of bacteria in warm milk. These reproduce forming lactic acid: a substance that does not allow the development of other harmful bacteria. According to experts at the General Nutrition Center in New Jersey, from the nutritional point of view, yogurt is equal to milk, but the difference is in its fermentation; This makes it easy to digest. Also, it counteracts diarrhea, gastritis, and constipation.

Did you know that “yogurt is a living food”? That has a minimum of 100 million viable and active life microorganisms per gram of yogurt? This previous statement means that they can maintain their characteristics during the lifetime of yogurt (24 days) and active means they have the ability to reproduce at this time.

So is yogurt an excellent food for the day? My answer is simple: Yogurt is an appropriate food for all ages, thanks to its nutritional value. Because it contains natural ferments that regularize the intestinal flora, favor the assimilation of nutrients, fight diarrhea and constipation and strengthen the immune system.

Because like all dairy, it provides proteins of high biological value, carbohydrates (lactose), fats, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, potassium and vitamins A, D and B complex.

What is also really amazing about Yogurt is its variety:

Whole: it is made with whole milk. It has a minimum fat content of 3%
Dehydrated: its fat content is 0.5%
Whipped: it is incubated in a tank, cooled and beaten before its packaging.
Fruity: it carries pulp of different fruits like, for example, strawberry, pineapple, and cherry; Which is enough to give a sweet taste to the product.
With cereals: comes with cereal grains to mix.
Fortified: enriched with calcium, iron or vitamins A and D.

Enjoy rejuvenating and energizing by only combine Yogurt with fresh fruits, droughts or cereals; you will receive all the nutrients needed to feel more energetic and look younger.


Enjoy your Yogurt!

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